Box Elder landfill worker seriously burned in gasoline fire

Box Elder landfill worker seriously burned in gasoline fire
A 25-year-old woman was in serious condition Thursday after she was burned in a gasoline fire at the Box Elder County landfill. Box Elder County Chief Deputy Sheriff Kevin Potter said the fire was not an explosion as initially reported, but a "flash …
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Has Isaac led to gasoline price gouging?
The rain-laden storm also disrupted gasoline distribution, leading to shortages in many places as tanker trucks stayed off the roads near refineries. That's why, they say, prices also have risen far inland in states that do not expect to get any of …
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More Fed Easing Will Do More Harm Than Good
Let's start with gasoline. In 2011, gasoline averaged $ 3.53 a gallon, a record high yearly average. The average American household was estimated to have spent $ 4,155 on gasoline, which would be 8.4% of an average household income in 2011, the highest …
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